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A charming book that transports us to the world of a teenager, who discovers the magic of believing in ourselves and how family is the most important thing. 

The Green Bug didn't steal the Rainbow

Tomás is a shy and discreet boy who avoids showing what he feels, especially in relation to little Afonso. At just twelve years old, he witnessed an overwhelming transformation of the world with a huge impact on everyone's lives. His is no exception.

Without waiting for it, Tomás finds himself closed at home, away from everything he loves most, stuck in a routine that leads him to (re)discover his family and his deepest feelings. The death of a writer, the author of a work he read at school, triggers in him a series of perceptions of himself and those around him. How will you handle all this?

Can a catastrophe bring out the best in human beings? Can what appears to be evil turn out to be a source of wonderful discoveries? Will Tomás be able to understand his feelings? Who is the green beast that attacks from all fronts? Why would he steal the rainbow?

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